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Thread: Curious what the age demographic is at USACarry

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    I couldn't vote in this poll because there wasn't any "So old he farts dust." catagory...

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    44 year old fossil here...

  4. Interesting to see what the demographic looks like

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    It's interesting to see there are members from such so many age groups here.

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    36 to 40 demographic better get their $#!+ Together.

    I'm in the 51-55 Group!
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    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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    How old am I? I was by the pool the other day and someone complimented me on my Alligator shoes. I was barefoot. Nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    you mean like "shotcoming" ^ ?

    Graduated high school, and radio school, and jump school, and was a journeyman tool and die maker for 18 years, and worked in nursing at the VA for 10 years......... I spell incorrectly when it suits my point, but I have to pass a test for no one.... any more.......
    Look in the mirror Sir and congratulations, you found the error that at least proves you know how to spell.

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    I would venture to guess that I'm probably one of the younger members here. I'm 32.

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    Looks like we need to get the younger generations involved with hunting. Those of us who have grown up on farms have been handling guns since we were big enough to hold a rifle. My first experience was using my dad's big Mauser .22 cal to hunt rabbits. When I was 8 my folks gave me a .22 cal air rifle. I don't remember how old I was at the time, but Dad bought my older brother and I bolt action Remington Nylon 22's when they first came out. Of course he bought the Nylon 66 semi-auto for himself, but I still have that Nylon 22 and it has seen a lot of action over its lifetime. Dad died on March 22 of this year, and I was proud to receive his Nylon 66. There were winters when I was growing up when the only meat we had came from the rabbits we shot with those 22's. I made sure that my kids, both boys and both girls, knew how to handle a gun safely. The boys still enjoy hunting pheasants every fall. Like me, they earned the right to hunt with a shotgun by being the bird dogs when they were younger. Most city kids don't know what they are missing, and we need to do everything we can to establish a love for gun sports. When I was young every family gathering included plinking cans with the 22's, and big and small alike got to show their skills. It's good to see my kids competing against each other now when they come to visit, and it won't be long before their kids will be big enough to take their turn. God bless America, and God bless our 2nd Amendment rights. We need to ever defend it because there are too many that would like to take our guns away.

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    Just don't mention to your wife while helping to change the oil in your truck one day that the oil pan that you using is older than she is. She got me a new one the next day.

    I don't mean to get this off topic, however, it got me to thinking about the different age groups. I've always had a gun close by since I was sixteen. I'm in the 65+ group and I carry constantly now since I'm at a point in my life where the infringements on my freedom bother me more than the consequences of rejecting those infringements. Younger folks may have more to lose by following the same beliefs. I guess my question is "what motivates the different age groups to carry"?
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