TSA/Customs/BATF? Somebody goofed?
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Thread: TSA/Customs/BATF? Somebody goofed?

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    Post TSA/Customs/BATF? Somebody goofed?

    FOXNews.com - Egypt detains airline passenger on flight from New York with luggage packed with weapons

    Egypt detains airline passenger on flight from New York with luggage packed with weapons

    CAIRO (AP) Police have detained an American-Egyptian man who arrived in Cairo on a flight from New York with several weapons in his luggage, airport officials said Wednesday

    The officials said the man was taken into custody as he tried to pass through customs with a metal box containing two 9 mm handguns, 250 bullets, several swords, daggers and knives.

    The box had been checked and the contents were discovered during a routine inspection upon arrival on an Egypt Air flight from New York's JFK International Airport in Cairo, according to the officials. They said customs inspectors were then alerted and the man was detained.

    He was only identified as a botany teacher.

    A police official confirmed the man was questioned by agents of the powerful State Security Apparatus and the case had been turned over to prosecutors for further investigation.

    All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to reporters.

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    Need a little more info on this. Is it illegal to transport weapons into Egypt? There's nothing illegal about flying with them, but I'm not sure about international policy. I normally don't read comments on news stories, but I couldn't resist today. It's scary how uninformed people are, yet turn into experts every time a dim bulb lights up in an empty head.

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    Firearms are not prohibited on international flights. People go on African Safaris and other hunting trips out of country all the time and take their guns with them.

    Check out the international flights section of this article:
    Have guns, will travel - Off Duty, Sports, Hunting, Fishing - Army Times

    Sounds like he met all the requirements leaving the US. He just didn't know the requirements of the country he was entering.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    LT & Ga9mm, that's why I posted. 2 pistols and 250 rounds wouldn't violate TSA domestic flight requirements since they were in a locked case, so I'm wondering if possession is a violation of Egyptian law. Fox was making a big deal out of this guy being arrested.

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