Mr. Yukio Hatoyama tendered his resignation on Wednesday as Prime Minister of Japan to pep up his party’s chances in the forthcoming elections in July next. His crusade to move a US Marine base did not succeed and that is being quoted as the main reason. Next to succeed him could be Mr. Naoto Kan, who is currently holding finance portfolio, and has a good track record. He had given feelers to this effect at a party congregation on Friday last.

Having been elected leader of the party just eight months ago by trouncing the powerful conservatives, Hatoyama had many an assurances to fulfill ranging from clean governance to economic issues. He lost ground when his promise to shift the Marine Air Station Futenma off Okinawa did not materialize. The general feeling was that he lacked both experience and leadership traits.

A well read person with PhD in engineering to his credit and financially very well-off, Hatoyama was not able to live up to people’s expectations. In the past four years Japan has seen four Prime Ministers come and go. Hatoyama did his best to involve the people as key players in politics but his venture was at best a damp squib.

With pressure from within the party and admittance of his own failure Hatoyama had no other alternative left except making place for someone else. On Friday the Democratic Party of Japan is scheduled to meet to elect a new leader.
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Didn't the Japanese try to kick the US Marines off Okinawa in 1945? Not having any luck today either.