Slight Change of Pace
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Thread: Slight Change of Pace

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    Slight Change of Pace

    I've been reading here the past few days, and there's so much negative stuff. It seems like we can sometimes forget that there's a bright side to life every now and then. I found my bright side not too long ago. My wife and I are going to have a baby. It's a total surprise in every way. We didn't think it was possible. Our daughter graduated high school last week!! Technically, this will be my first. "Our" daughter came from my wife's first marriage, but she's mine anyway. We are both really excited!! I've been reading books on pregnancy and babies for a while, and am getting overwhelmed, but having a great time with all of it. Pray for us - we're gonna need it!!

    Be forewarned, my in-laws bought us a camera, so you will probably get sick of baby pictures come December!

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    Congratulations. I know you and your bride are really excited. Nothing like a baby to fill your heart with joy. We will be looking forward to pictures.
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    CONGRATULATIONS, Ga!! Good Luck and Best to Mom!

    In case you've forgotten, having one so much older, may I remind you of Ektarr's Rule of Kids:

    The first 20 years are the toughest...
    After that it's just really, really difficult!
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    wolfhunter Guest
    We spend 2 years teaching them to Stand Up and Talk, then 17 years telling them to Sit Down and Shut up.

    Congratulations on the blessing. Post equal numbers of gun pictures as baby pics and I doubt anyone will complain.

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    Yes, That is good news,,, Congratulations...
    There are a few of us in here with December B'days, Let us know so we can celebrate that Birthday too...
    Semper Fi

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    That certainly is a bright side of life, congratulations!
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    Thanks to all of you!! It's very much appreciated. I'll keep everybody posted as things progress. We're going to hear the heartbeat this week!

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    Congrats to you both!! So exciting! I can't wait to see baby pics! And I was born December 16th, so tell the wife to shoot for that date so I can have a birthday buddy!!

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    Children change things.

    I have a daughter, she is my connection to what little feminine side I have and sometimes allow myself to experience.

    I have a son, he is my connection to the little boy that still lives in me and struggles with the sometimes grumpy & serious guy I see in the mirror.

    God has chosen to give you this gift. It may not be today, nor tomorrow that you learn of the reason for this gift, but the purpose will reveal itself to you. You just need to listen for the reason.

    Good luck to you, good health to mother and feel free to post baby pictures here. We see enough pictures of guns. Guns on beds, guns on tables, guns in gardens...

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Curt Lovelace
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