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    I feel for Israel. The Jews have been kicked around for two thousand years, or longer, and have finally had enough. I don't think they are right on everything, but I do know that they are surrounded by enemies and their backs are against the water. I feel we are getting close to a global war again, but this time it will be quick and very painful - for all of us.
    Never worry about Israel. The one who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. God has said that He will do the fighting against the enemies of Israel in the End Times. The war will be confined to the Middle East, it won't go global. Even Armageddon won't be global, it all takes place in the Valley of Jezreel. God's word and God's promises are truth,that's why Christ said, "FEAR NOT". The only pain we will feel is at the gas pump, and that's if we can even get to the gas pump.
    ~ HEAVEN Has A Wall And A Strict Immigration Policy - HELL Has Open Borders ~

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    " don't F_ _ _ with Israel "

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