Time Taken To Thank The Volunteers At DFW Airport
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Thread: Time Taken To Thank The Volunteers At DFW Airport

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    With all the bad in the news I thought a little good would be in order. This story from one of our local t.v. stations.

    Time Taken To Thank The Volunteers At DFW Airport
    Robbie Owens
    DFW AIRPORT (CBS 11 / TXA 21) ―

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    Time Taken To Thank The Volunteers At DFW Airport - cbs11tv.com

    Every day, soldiers passing through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport are extended a taste of Texas hospitality -- they are, after all, our heroes.

    Now, the program organized to welcome those soldiers got a well deserved 'tip of the hat' for their hard work.

    Tuesday morning, at DFW Airport's Terminal D, returning troops will soon deplane and it's a busy, boisterous scene. One person points out, "These troops are coming in from Afghanistan and Iraq."

    Seven days a week, for the past six years, volunteers with the 'Welcome Home A Hero Program' have always been standing by. "Welcome home... 'preciate your service," said Vietnam veteran and volunteer Mark Hannah told the servicemen and women.

    The volunteers offer smiles, handshakes, slaps on the back and sincere appreciation. "Welcome home. Welcome home sergeant, 'preciate it. We didn't get a lot of welcome homes, so we try to take care of our others," said Hannah.

    Vietnam veteran volunteers are honored with spots at the head of the welcome line.

    And the volunteers' tireless efforts aren't going unnoticed. "It's really overwhelming to us, really," said returning soldier Sgt. Joshua Maupin. "We go over there and do our thing, and then we come over here not really expecting what's going to happen and it feels really good to know that they're here for us."

    Over the years, volunteers have welcomed more than 4,000 flights carrying some 716,000 troops. And each one of those service people is special because of the sacrifices they make to serve.
    "We've seen 5 day old, 9 day old, babies being put in his dad's arms and carried through the line. And there isn't a dry eye in the place," recalled Vietnam veteran and volunteer Randall Grizzle.

    The efforts of everyone involved with the program are appreciated. "The reward for participating, as you know, is simply being able to look into the eyes of a soldier as they are welcomed home by you," DFW Airport spokesperson Jim Crites told volunteers. "It is priceless, as are you."

    ( MMX, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
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    wolfhunter Guest
    These volunteers have the right idea.

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    THIS is America!
    Kill them all and let God sort them out!

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    mojo Guest
    Great story!!!!! Great people on both sides of that line!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OUTTAHERE View Post
    THIS is America!
    +1, Outtahere. THIS is the America we know, love and wish to preserve for future generations!

    Thanks for the wonderful post, HK.
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