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    Come on guys you know you'd love to work for me! As manager I think it's important that team members have a good relationship with one another so I'd plan on bi weekly team building outings. I was thinking every two weeks we'd hit a different range!
    Do we get guns for a bonus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Do we get guns for a bonus?
    Hey why not! Since they seem to grow like weeds in my back yard! lol.
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    Will you hire me to train the women? I may be 62 yrs. old, but I have so much wisdom to share! I just LOVE the bonuses you promise to give your employees... biweekly "range" meetings & FREE guns!
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  5. This whole thread has been an awesome read.
    I've got a few friends in the tech world, a few friends in the gun world, a few women friends, a few guy friends, a few gay friends, and a few bi friends. The overlap is actually quite surprising. I can't think of many friends that don't own guns though.

    I hope your job application goes well KimberPB. I'm sure going to the range with the boss gives you some invisible bonus points. I hope they count.

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