"Safe Kids" website.. You won't believe it.
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Thread: "Safe Kids" website.. You won't believe it.

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    Question "Safe Kids" website.. You won't believe it.

    This might have been posted before, if so.. Sorry..

    Check out this website, especially the 2nd article..

    Safety Tips for Safe Kids

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    Humor Fail.

    Run Fast Across Freeways to Avoid Being Hit!

    Grownups always tell you to look both ways before crossing the street, but what about crossing the freeway? Here are some tips that most grownups won't give you:

    Learn the difference between cars that honk angrily, and cars that honk in support.

    The trick to crossing a freeway is to run fast.

    Sometimes ducking down and letting a car pass over you is the best option. Just make sure there's enough clearance under the car. If not, you may find jumping helpful.

    Use spacial reasoning: if a motorcycle can fit between cars, so can a kid. And a baby. Speaking of...

    If you have a baby brother or sister, make sure to carry him or her on your back.

    Sometimes running and jumping just isn't enough, and you might get hit. The important thing to remember is if you get hit by a car, don't panic! Just dust yourself off and try again.
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    That website is a humor / parody / satire site. Nothing on there is to be taken seriously. I thought that would have been obvious at first glance.

    Edit: If you go to the main page, http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/, you'll also notice it redirects you to http://maddox.xmission.com/, the guy's main site, which is also not to be taken at all seriously.

    Re-Edit: And if you'll notice on that page, the first link is to something called "Safety tips for kids! (April Fool's '10)". That's right, the page you're upset about was his April Fool's Day posting.
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    It was meant to be funny but I did not find it very funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    It was meant to be funny but I did not find it very funny.
    That's ok, you're not required to.

    Worst case, if you don't find it funny, ignore it. It's not worth anyone's time to bother getting upset over something so trivial.
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