Old man from my Moose Lodge called me yesterday morning, Asked me if i had my gun with me. I said ,no and he sad that he had a boar that tore up one of his cages in his orchard abd got tied up on the tripwire for the door.I told him i would be there in a about 30 min. I went home got my Kimber 45, and headed over.Got there he said the hog was down 2 rows in the orchard. I walked down and he had dragged the pen 50 ft. and also broke 3 welds in it The old guy told me if I hadnt come by , he would have cut the rope on the boars leg. that would been a 50/50 chance he would be alive today .Shot the Boar, And did all the rest that goes with shooting a wild animal. and gave the meat to a needy family...............Im trying to post pic , not sure how to do it .