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    Driver's License

    A mother is driving her little girl to her friend's house for a play date.

    'Mommy,' the little girl asks, 'how old are you?'

    'Honey, you are not supposed to ask a lady her age,' the mother replied. 'It's not polite.'

    'OK', the little girl says,
    'How much do you weigh?'

    'Now really,' the mother says,
    'those are personal questions and are really none of your business.'

    Undaunted, the little girl asks, 'Why did you and Daddy get a divorce?'

    'That's enough questions, young lady! Honestly!'

    The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin to play.

    'My Mom won't tell me anything about her,' the little girl says to her friend.

    'Well,' says the friend, 'all you need to do is look at her driver's license. It's like a report card, it has everything on it.'

    Later that night the little girl says to her mother, 'I know how old you are. You are 32..'

    The mother is surprised and asks,
    'How did you find that out?

    'I also know that you weigh 130 pounds.'

    The mother is past surprised and shocked now.

    'How in Heaven's name did you find that out?'

    'And,' the little girl says triumphantly, 'I know why you and daddy got a divorce..'

    'Oh really?' the mother asks. 'Why?'

    'Because you got an F in sex.'

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    Maybe so. LOL

    But WHY do women act that way, even in 2010?

    On a different forum a woman was talking about age and I just cut and pasted directly from HER website/blog "I am a 62 year old Christian woman yada yada yada..." and commented that she should change it because she was really 64 years old. (which was from the birth date she had posted on Facebook.

    She came all unglued, telling me it WASN'T polite to tell a woman's age.

    Even some men are freaked about saying anything about their age. WHY? Age DOES play a part in how we 'look' at the world around us. Example:

    I went into the service, then worked at a paper mill for 10 years, then drove truck for 15 years on the West coast then was a service writer at a dealership for 10 years and have been working at Boeing for 5 years as an engineer. 2 or more years probably+10+15+10+5=at least 42 years. Start working at 18 makes 60 years old.
    You remember all that and one day you ask them "How old are you?"

    And they don't think nothing of it and say something like "43".

    I HAVE had that happen more than once to me. Sure, some people DO work two jobs (or more) at one time, but not that many. And when they are talking about their life in those BS sessions, they DO sound like each job they are talking about is the only one they have at the time.

    You ever met people like that? They have to be 200 years old to do all the things they say they have done?

    Too many times. WHY do people do that? Never have figured that out. I know the last few years of my life pretty well, for over 32 years I have been walking through the same door as far as a job/work is concerned and I am 62 now. School took up eighteen of the first 30, leaving 12. US Army took up 3 of that, leaving 9. Worked at a paper mill took up 3 more leaving 6. Six other jobs in that six years. Doesn't leave much time for any of them, does it? LOL

    Dang, a person breaks their life down that way and some of those years lasted a LONG time... other years went by very fast. Strange how that works.


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    lol that's pretty good.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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