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Nice guys! I will say I have an all new respect for the long range shooters and military/law enforcement snipers. I did some long range shooting with my savage. including est. ranges using my mils, and it's a lot harder then it looks. I actually did really well out to 380 yards (my est with my mils) but things got a little more hairy when we pushed it back to 670 yards. I missed the first shot just low at 380, readjusted my scope and hit the next three shots just low inside a 5in circle. At 670 I ran out of adjustment on my scope and had to use the mils to hold over. Grouped dead center but about 2 1/2 feet low. So I need to load up some more ammo and practice some more! lol.
I had to use the Mils during my last 1000 yard match just to put it in the bullseye! You now know the capabilities of your rifle better than before and you could confidently take a 650 yard shot when the chips are down.