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Thread: Sorry Ladies but I'm Getting Married!

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    GREAT!! Congratulations, Luke!! You'll Love marriage!! I like it so much I did it twice! Like I tell my Lovely Bride, my second marriage is so much better than my first, I can't wait to see how my THIRD turns out!!
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    Congrats, Luke! I don't know how old you are or what your experience w/the fairer sex is, but just one piece of advice: Marriage can be kinda like a job. In order for it do well you have to work at it.

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    Congratulations to you and your bride, Luke. I wish you BOTH a lifetime of happiness as husband and wife.
    Conservative Wife & Mom -- I'm a Conservative Christian-American with dual citizenship...the Kingdom of God is my 1st home and the U.S.A. is my 2nd.

  5. Did you know that marriage is the leading cause of divorce?

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    Congrats. Best wishes!

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    OK - a couple of things..

    1 - Congrats.. May you have many happy memories and anniversaries together
    2 - Will you be carrying during the service?? (come on, it is a gun site!)
    What is the appropriate pistol for a wedding anywayz???
    3 - Will SHE be carrying??
    4 - Will the preacher/Justice 'O the "piece" be carrying??

    Come on - Inquiring minds what to know!!!

    Congrats once again!!! - e-mail me some cake!!!

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
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    Attaboy, Luke! Congrats to you both. Honeymoon is at Frontsight, right? (Hey, that's where I took my lovely bride last year for vacation and it was a hoot!).
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    Congrats!!! Always walk together on this journey through life, be safe and may God Bless you both!

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    Congratulations and best wishes! Do you have a wedding registry set up anywhere?

    Don't forget the 3 rings needed for a successful wedding:

    1) Engagement ring
    2) Wedding
    3) The sufferRING

    Again, good luck and best wishes!

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  11. Congrats Luke
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