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  1. Christianity vs. Satanism

    Christianity vs. Satanism | Redeemer Church of Satan

    CHRISTIANS Vs. Satanists

    Waste your Sunday morning

    Church of Satan Says: Many newcomers to the Church of Satan say the best thing about our faith is they don’t have to get up early Sunday morning. Whether it is because they’re fighting a hang over, want to watch "the game" or want to spend time with their kids at the beach, one of the great things about Satanism is no formal church time. You worship Satan on your own time.

    Approve of Stem Cell Research/Cloning

    Church of Satan Says: Duh! Illness is one of The Oppressor’s (God's) tools of fear, designed to keep you in line. If you’re afraid that your cancer is going to kill you and a self serving minister of some hypocritical religious organization tells you to repent, give us your money, and you’ll go to heaven, that’s a pretty persuasive restraint on free will.

    Believe the Bible is the Word of God

    Church of Satan Says: This is one of our favorite areas of disagreement. The Bible is clearly not the "word of god." It’s a group of writings that a bunch of men obsessed with consolidating their own power put together to control the masses and secure a better position among the slaves in heaven. The original Uncle Toms of the human race.

    Condemn Financial Institutions

    Church of Satan Says: In the Book of Exodus "God" says “if you lend money to my people, to the poor among you. you shall not exact interest from them” (22: 25). So clearly Christians condemn banks, bankers, etc. Oh, wait… They don’t condemn banks… Or bankers… Gee, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to pick and choose which parts of the Bible to stick with if it is "the word of god?" We imagine not…

    Make You Wait to Eat

    Church of Satan Says: Many recent converts to Satanism tell us that being forced to wait for everyone to gather round the table, settle down, and then say a prayer thanking The Oppressor (God) for what was earned by the sweat and labor of people here on Earth before being able to eat a Thanksgiving turkey was excruciating. They’d been waiting all day to eat, the Turkey took longer than expected (why does that always happen?) and they weren’t allowed to snack. When the bird was finally done and ready to eat, being forced to wait, again, was adding insult to injury.

  3. very compelling stuff.
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    Can't have one without the other..

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    Exclamation I'll be praying about this one...

    I am not going to get into a theological argument...I'll be praying about it instead.

    I believe as I do because God has saved my bacon many times.

    I also believe that the ability to stir the pot is finally being brought forth to full effect.

    Christian brothers and sisters please stay away from this thread...i believe it has the potential or arguments and discourse that will get several people banned if the match is brought to the powder keg.

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    Do you realize how petty and pointless this is? At least the arguments about Christianity, Islam, faithlessness, and their beliefs or lack thereof have a point of discussion. This group likely has less than a dozen members and is of no importance at all.
    If you really think you need to discuss this is someone, you should to go to their site and follow the directions here:
    Find a Local Satanist | Redeemer Church of Satan

    Festus is right but he needs to include everybody, not just Christians

    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    Christian brothers and sisters please stay away from this thread...i believe it has the potential or arguments and discourse that will get several people banned if the match is brought to the powder keg.
    People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome.--River Tam

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