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Thread: Sex Ed in Grade School, Joycelyn Elders part 2

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    Under the terms of my scholarship, I have to put in 4 years at underserved public schools, but after that, I'll be looking for a job in private schools, and ironic though it may be, if I had children of my own, I would be home schooling them myself after I got home from teaching everyone else's. I won't be licensed to teach things like history or civics/social(ist) studies, but I'd rather be doing that myself than leave it up to my coworkers to teach it to my own kids.
    Good luck on your 4 year service. It sounds to me like you'll do the best you can. Hopefully, you'll still have your sanity and good spirits when the term is up. Hey, who knows, maybe you'll find your calling serving in that setting. Stranger things have happened. I stayed several years longer than I intended, teaching college kids, when several implored me not to leave. A couple said I was the only (and this is sad) exposure to Constitutionally-based ideals that they got in 4 years. Pathetic.
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    That is truly disturbing. I've taught college kids, and the reason I'm targetting myself at the high school level is my feeling that I need to get them sooner than college. I need to try correcting their ideas and beliefs thought patterns before they become high school graduates.

    As for my sanity, can't lose what you never had to begin with.
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