How can this be???
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Thread: How can this be???

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    How can this be???

    It is my understanding that it is completely illegal to carry a gun in Illinois. Obviously the entire state is a free fire zone for the bad guys!!

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    I was going to be a paramedic in D.C. until I was shot at on call for performing CPR on a shooting victim in south west. If the BG wanted him to live they wouldn't have shot him I guess.

    I thought guns were banned in our Nations capital as well.

    My bad...............
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    How can this be???
    Obviously this shooter failed to get the Memo.
    I'm sure he would have complied if someone had only told him.
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    Another killing zone for the wolves to hunt the sheep. And in the Peoples Republic of Chicago there are few sheep dogs around to protect them.
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    Talking Yep! King Richard in charge!

    I have heard that "KING RICHARD" (Daley) is much better at fleecing his sheep than protecting them. Of course I personally avoid the people's republic of Illinois like I would the plague.

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