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The hunting camera would be good but arent they a little pricey.
Depends on what spendy means to you.

Stealth Cam Rogue IR Digital Video Game Scouting Camera : Cabela's

Cabelas has them for $100. Wal-Mart has them starting at $75.

Search results for game camera - Walmart

Search engines today are so easy to use, just type a sentence in one just like you would ask the question if talking instead of typing. You sure can't mess anything up.

I just typed in --> hunting camera <-- in Google and got back 6 million hits. Lots of choices to look at, prices and all. I try to always make Google my first stop on my search for information. Took me a while to figure that out, and to also figure out NOT to complicate the search too much.

Read a few hundred of the reviews people write. Some wouldn't recommend such a thing to even their worst enemy. Others are sold on them.

Same as most anything a person wishes to buy, I suppose.

Best of luck in your search!


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