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Thread: Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

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    And yet I still on occasion will note some real looser with a BHO sticker in their vehicle, how about a product to remove them from the offending cars of others...
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    I have been working on MY version of the aforementioned tool... It's a bit more aggressive and more expensive however. And it is only recommended for use by conservative Americans.

    As Wolfhunter mentioned, most of the stickers have been removed thanks to the cash for clunkers program. Here in the northeast there are still sightings from time to time. It's easy to spot them, just look for the VW Beatle or Toyota Prius swerving along with the driver attempting to text while driving. Sure enough the sticker is there...

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    It would be wonderful if someone invented a white-out type of BSRemover that could be applied to the lips of any lying, Progressive politician!
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