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    Hm...I actually liked 'the shooter' quite a bit.But I didn't read the book first.
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    So True!

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    Me? I enjoyed Marchanko's stuff. I like Clancy's Spliinter Cell series (Actually written by David Michaels) and thoroughly enjoyed Clancey's John Clark series. But my favorite by far was Stephen Hunter's Earl and Bob Lee (Bob-the-Nailer) Swagger series. I was not too fond of the recent movie with Marc Wallberg "The Shooter" based upon Hunter's "Point of Impact". Why does Hollywood take a good thing and change it?
    later - Sam
    Sigh...GREAT BOOK, so-so movie.

    How disappointing the movie was compared to what it could have been if they had stayed with the book. Personally, my thought while watching was that while some gun-illiterate director was putting the project together, he decided that 1000+ yard shots were fictional and too implausible for the average movie-viewer to conceive of, so a change had to be made to make it more "realistic".

    Hunter should have definitely been included on the list with Clancy, Childs and crew. While Point of Impact has been his best work, don't miss Master Sniper, Dirty White Boys, Pale Horse Coming and Black Light. They are all great action novels which give a mainstream fix for the gun addicts among us.
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    Here's another interesting series by a guy named Joel C. Rosenberg. It starts out with The Last Jihad, then The Final Days, then The Ezekiel Option, and now The Copper Scroll. It's sort of a Vince Flynn novel crossed with the Left Behind series, although without the religious overtones of Left Behind. The first two books are eerie. Book 1 was written 9 months before 9/11, but opens with a hijacked airplane kamakazeing the presidential motorcade, thereby causing an Iraq war. Book 2 is the follow-up after an Iraq war, with a suicide attack on a peace envoy to Yasser Arafat. Good political read, with a firm grip on today's mid-East current events.
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    Well I finished The Third Option. I have to say I am sad it's over. Oh well, there are more books to read. I would highly recommend this one.

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