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    Vince Flynn novel

    My wife got me a Vince Flynn novel for Christmas. It is titled The Third Option. It is my first novel of his and I was very impressed with a passage and wanted to share it. It is in reference to a CIA operative's six year old son. He was passing a football with the operatives security person. The child ask to see his gun. Here is Vince Flynn's response. "Harry resisted his natural instinct to say no. Harry was fifty-one and had learned the last thing you wanted to do with a young boy was to make something taboo. It only served to pique their curiosity. Harry showed him the gun, gave him a very stern lecture about safety, and let him touch it."

    I realize this is fiction, but it still was nice to hear this instead of something along the lines of You have to be a highly trained law enforcement person to handle a firearm.

    I have only read about 60 pages so far, but it is a very good book.

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    I am sure the Brady Bunch would not like it very much.
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    Dang, Doc. If that's the only thing you're getting out of a Vince Flynn book, you're reading every other page!

    Seriously, I love the Vince Flynn line of books. I've read nearly every one that's come out and I love them all. It's a nice shot of good-guy testosterone in an estrogen filled society. My advice on them, read each one, in order......
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    I've never read one of those.I do like the Jack Reacher novels(I can't remember who wrote them).And,of course,Tom Clancey.
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    Popular books

    Lee Childs writes the Jack Reacher series - super-high testosterone. Oddly, he's a Brit writing about American characters in an American setting. Notice that automobile "tyres" are occasionally mentioned but he does an excellent job of setting the character as an American veteran. Good weapoon descriptions also.

    If you like the Reacher books, also try Nelson DeMille's books, sp,e are older (80's and 90's era) but still a good mix of mystery, adventure and assorted mayhem.

    Jack Higgins still writes a good action book despite the British setting.

    There are also the Chris Ryan books, reportedly being written by an ex-SAS guy but they are a bit mixed (IMO) as to quality. He seems to be trying to do a sort of copycat style of that ex-SEAL guy (Marchenko?) from a few years back.
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  7. I've read that book. In fact I have read a couple of his and I loved them. I like the way he thinks too bad more people don't think this way. I would think in this post 911, post Katrina world we live in more and more Americans would think the same way. We really have the shortest memories of any society on earth.
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    Reacher books

    There are about 8 or 9 Reacher books now. It's a popular series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecocks View Post
    He seems to be trying to do a sort of copycat style of that ex-SEAL guy (Marchenko?) from a few years back.
    Yeah,Richard Marchenko.I read Rogue Warior and Red Cell.I loved them both.I understand he wrote several other,fictional novels,but I haven't read them.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    He also wrote

    a management style book. Best offense..... How to do what you want and not get in trouble..... Easier to be forgiven than authorized... That sort of thing. Some of his stuff is too nauseatingly self-righteous for my taste but to each their own.
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    Me? I enjoyed Marchanko's stuff. I like Clancy's Spliinter Cell series (Actually written by David Michaels) and thoroughly enjoyed Clancey's John Clark series. But my favorite by far was Stephen Hunter's Earl and Bob Lee (Bob-the-Nailer) Swagger series. I was not too fond of the recent movie with Marc Wallberg "The Shooter" based upon Hunter's "Point of Impact". Why does Hollywood take a good thing and change it?
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