Arizona Sheriff Not Relenting After Court Ruling
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Thread: Arizona Sheriff Not Relenting After Court Ruling

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    Arizona Sheriff Not Relenting After Court Ruling

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been a hero of mine for a very long time. This just demonstrates why:

    Arizona sheriff not relenting after court ruling - Yahoo! News

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    This is one of the subjects I tend to side more with the majority here. The Gubmit (Feds) are IMHO, clearly the ultimate holders of this immigration bag and their approach has been pitiful if not downright reprehensible over the years.

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    I am glad he has the guts to do what is right.
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    He's one of the current LEOs making the news lately that I respect. Whether you think he should or shouldn't be doing the things he does, he is doing his job as he understands it.

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    A good man trying to do his duty as he believes it to be.


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    A man who not only understands the law but lives by the law and expects those inside his jurisdiction to do the same! Not one damn thing wrong with that.
    Go Joe Go!!!!!!!!!

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    That's my kind of Sheriff!

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    This Sheriff is doing something about the problem instead of being part of the problem.
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    Cool Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    This man is, without a doubt, one of the most professional law enforcement officers in the country today. He does not care to be politically correct, he just does his job the way it should be done. The Justice Department is doing everything they can to put him down and, without the help of the people of Arizona, will do so. He is doing the things the Federal government refuses to do. The administration is doing everything in its power to cater to illegal inmmigrants to build up its power base by granting amnesty and to register these people to vote for the current power structure. Sheriff Joe is causing their plans to go awry by enforcing our laws against illegal immigration and is causing other states to finally complain about their illegal immigration problems also. I hope the governor of Arizona and their Attorney General will stand up for him. It is time for us to all stand up and regain the rights that the administration is rapidly taking away from us. One of these days we will wake up and ask, "What the hell has happened?" The country we used to know will be gone and we will be standing there with our bare (face?) hanging out!

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    Historical Perspective

    I am going to digress a little bit into history, because while off-topic, I do think it provides some relevant insight.

    As you may know the nation of Italy durring the 1930's and 1940's experienced a facsist takeover of the government. The man who engineered this movement was of course Benito Mussellini, know as the Duce. The Duce became sort of a cult personality, this is comman in Ultra-nationalist movements, Germany had Adolf Hitler, Spain had Francisco Franco, Japan had Prime Minister Tojo, China had Generalisimo Chang Kai-Chek, North Korea had Kim Il-Sung, Iraq had Sadam Husain, et cetera.

    What was unique about the Duce's regime was the totality of power concentrated in one man. The Duce did not or could not delegate. All leadership was the Duce. If the Duce was either unable or unwilling to assert power in an area, there was a vaccume of leadership in that area.

    I bring this up because I feel that our nation is headed in a slightly similar direction. The Federal Government, not anyone in particular, is becoming the Duce so to speak. The federal government clearly is unable or unwilling to assert control over the imigration issue, so there is a vaccume, or at least as far as the federal government is concerned.

    The Sheriff in question is thankfully bucking the trend. We cannot look to the Duce as the answer to all of our problems.

    I am sorry if I lost anyone in that explination. Please feel free to ask me to elaborate on any points if you feel it would help.

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