Concealed Carry Class

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Thread: Concealed Carry Class

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    Concealed Carry Class

    Just curious as to how many people were in your Concealed Carry class. Mine had 20! This is the biggest class I have heard of!

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    I had 12 but that is only 1 way of looking at it. there were 9 households represented. 6 individuals such as myself and 3 households that had a husband and wife, so 12 total. More interesting, 3 households had experienced home invasions in the past couple years, hence the ccw class. 3 out of 9 in a nice area of henderson, nv. 1 individual was an ex cop who was renewing his ccw and had killed 2 out of 3 people who invaded his home. Scary.

  4. It was back in 2002 and my entire platoon took it together. There were about 35 of us.
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    It was me and 3 of my friends the instructor did it right in my house he was a friend of a friend and then we went to the range to qualify the price was right too

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    Mine was just me. Can't beat one on one instruction.

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