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Thread: I love my job! lol

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    By now i'm sure all the job applications are gone:(. that would never happen where I work, stay where your at even if minimum wage:)

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    In the Trade!

    I the trade we used to call that a "Finger Check".

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    That is very unfair. I think my employer would rather shoot me than go shooting with me.
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    The boss doesn't go shooting with me, but I only see him once or twice a year. Working from home (field service) is nice. The only down side is that there aren't any indoor ranges around here.

    I get to stop at the two outdoor ones (free) pretty much whenever I feel the urge, though. As long as I'm caught up, anyway. I take my range bag with me every day, just in case.

    Freedom and firearms. Best job I've ever had. Pays decent, too.

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    I'm worked at McDonald's restaurant and I'm think is the good salary and fine atmosphere:)

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  8. You like Fallout, ya? :P

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    Sounds like my kind of place of employment....I'm jealous!
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