Mods, if this is in the wrong place please move it, thanks. For those who can make it to Rockingham, NC that weekend you will enjoy it. This is a copy of a post and a link with pics of past gatherings. We cal them gatherings for folks from many similar sites get together. Here 'tis:
Time is moving right along and almost forgot to post here about our gathering by the range 16-18 Oct. Looking like our biggest ever as lots of "newbies" are coming. Am compiling a list of those wanting cabins(off line) so let me know asap. Here is a link with past pics/info-- NC Oct. '10 Gathering at Millstone dates -
If it will not open then let me know via PM asap. Looking forward to a great weekend and meeting lots of new folks. This is going to be fun as usual for the entire family.We have been having these for ten+ years at Camp Millstone. Now the cabins are AC/heated W/double baths and duo pane windows. Real nice and comfy. For questions just PM or E me. There are two pages of info at that link and a link there for pics of past events. Don't miss this. Lots of info/classes and all free. Stuff that costs you an arm and leg other places. Unarmed self-defense, canning, cooking, game preps, point or snap shooting, Dutch Oven cooking, and what ever anyone else wants to share--BS circles are a given--LOl. Come and enjoy a quiet relaxing fun filled weekend even if on a shoe string budget. Cabins are cheap, food/meals are great, and we try to keep costs under $20-kids free. Can't beat that anywhere-even at home. Plus you get to meet like minded folks who are preparing for their families future in hard times. If our "resident" nuke expert can come we may have another class on fallout/chem spills/ hazardous materials. He does a bang up job at it. Let me know asap if you want a cabin or tent/RV free.