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  1. I got nine and was pissed off that I missed so many until I looked at the stats. OMG, we are in deep kimshie folks! I don't even really study this stuff, I just try to stay as informed at what I consider a minimal level for a responsible citizen. If something catches my attention, then I research more.

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    I got 10

  4. 10 for me -- including a couple of educated guesses. Did not know the depth of the Gulf.
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    I got them all correct except for the one about my age.

    BTW - someone at PEW needs to learn to how to ask question.

    "do you know the name of the prime minster of Great Britain?" gets answered with either a "yes" or "no"

  6. I got 9... still better then 79% of the rest.

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    Hello all, I got 9...missed the soccer thing and the depth of the gulf mess.

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    I notice...

    still better then 79% of the rest.
    Not picking on you, just using the incorrect usage of 'then' as an example.

    This is sort of an ed-u-cay-shun post.

    That a LOT of people use the word 'then' when they should be using the word 'than'. Why is that I wonder? Don't know what it means?

    Then means; do this - do that

    Than means; do this - do NOT do that

    An easy way to remember it would be two sentences:

    I would rather eat a prime rib dinner THAN be killed. - NOT killed

    I would rather eat a prime rib dinner THEN be killed. - YES killed

    Put on your socks, then your shoes.

    I would rather wear shoes than boots.

    Just curious why so many people misuse 'then' so much.

    The hard word for me was 'too/to', took forever for me to figure that one out. I think I have it now;

    too=size etc. too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too poor, too many. Too=also too. LOL ex: I want to go too. I want to go also.

    to=going somewhere etc. to the store, give the hat to Bob, I love to shoot too.

    FYI: The oceans average a little under 2 3/4 miles deep, (14,000 feet - 6,244 PSI) The DEEPEST spot in all oceans is the Challenger Deep and it is just a little less than SEVEN miles deep. (36,200 feet) The pressure down there is about 16,123 PSI (pounds per square inch).

    If we try to learn correct usage of a word or two per month, at the end of the year we can have pride that we are still learning!

    There are tens of thousands of words I don't know how to pronounce or what they mean. I better get myself in gear, that is for sure. Some of the simplest words mess me up. I work at them all the time though.


    Yeah, I had to guess on most of them, lucked out and got them all correct. So some of my brain/mind is paying attention when I browse the www I guess? LOL The best to everyone!

  9. Thanks. I always stop and think about which to use Then or Than. Now I know. Thank you. One that really bothers me is when people use THERE instead of THEIR.

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    Got 10 of 11 - I swear I though Obozo was in office when the TARP bill was passed.

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    got 10, only because I thought .gov might under report unemployment
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