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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekDanger View Post
    Thanks. I always stop and think about which to use Then or Than. Now I know. Thank you. One that really bothers me is when people use THERE instead of THEIR.
    You're very welcome, Derek. Something I posted on one of my sites in 02 Dec 2007:

    "It is a lot, NOT alot. It IS two words.

    Look up the difference between

    THERE, that house over THERE.

    It is THEIR house (ownership, car/house/pen/pencil/dog/cat, whatever, it is theirs).

    Thinking of ownership, how about the sex of the person changing things? Example: It is his. It is hers. Need the 's' on 'her'. Nice and easy to remember, eh?

    THEY'RE nice people, THEY'RE is a contraction of THEY ARE. Same type of thing happens with WE ARE turns into WE'RE. We're going too. Besides using 'too' with 'size' when describing something, 'too' also means 'also'.

    YOUR spelling is very poor. YOU'RE (YOU ARE) going to have to try to improve it. YOUR car/house/dog/cat/whatever. YOU'RE smart/stupid/cute/ugly/rich/poor/whatever.

    I see people use NOONE. It IS two words, NO ONE."

    English is a really HARD language to try to understand the usage of. A lot of people have never grasped it and never will. It is just too hard for them. It is really hard for me too, but I work at it, trying to learn a word or two a day. Did we touch on to/too/two? That is a good one:

    Are the two of you going to the store too? LOL


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    11....for me... 5%... Damn, we really are in trouble. I guess I watch too much Fox News.

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    I got 10. I missed the illeagal immigrant kids one. Doh!

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    Surprised myself and got all 11 correct.

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    Got all eleven right...was surprised at how many got only 4 correct. Just tells you how uninformed people are AND why it is so important to be informed.

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    Hmmmm. I got 11 in the top 95% BUT I should get a bonus because I counted 11 questions as opposed to the 12 you alluded to.

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