Tips to save money on your heating bill.
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Thread: Tips to save money on your heating bill.

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    Tips to save money on your heating bill.

    So you can spend your money on more important things like guns.

    I found this link at CNN.
    4 ways to cut winter energy bills - The heat is on (1) -

    Not the most complete listing but it's a start. Please feel free to add more tips on this thread on how you can save money this winter on your utility bills.

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    One man's trash is another man's treasure. We just had a new gas burner installed last week. I've been patching the boiler in the old one for about 5 years now and the wife got sick of it. She worries too much. But I had them do a test burn because with my wood stove, that thing probably won't kick on for months. Now with this book idea, I could save tons of wood!
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  5. Why don’t we seize the tax payers money and start spending millions to caulk around windows??
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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    Why donít we seize the tax payers money and start spending millions to caulk around windows??
    In most parts of Pennsylvania, recycling is encouraged realy easily. You have to pay to have your trash hauled away. Real simple, you throw it out, you pay for it's disposal. Amazing how everyone has garbage disposals, has compost piles, actively recycles, and tries to reduce their trash.

    Be an environmentalist, eliminate free municaple trash pick-up.

  7. I have been told by many a Furnace guys that the programmable thermostats are BS the best way to save cash is set it at what ever temp is comfortable for you and leave it. Most heating systems work on a small temp margin ( Example, Set at 70deg furnace kicks on at 67deg and off at 70deg. ) most thermostats are usually 3-5 deg between on and off. This is mo matter what range its in 60, 70 , 80 doesn't matter. Moral of the story is it takes the same amount of energy to heat your house 3-5 degrees each time a furnace kicks on no matter what temp you set it at so be comfortable and stay warm..
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    Wade. I know ours works. The thermostat is right near the wood stove which is inside the fireplace. We don't like it hot upstairs in the bedrooms, and it's set to only go on before we get up and before we go to bed for one hour. If the wood stove is still hot enough in the morning the furnace won't kick on. We save a bundle. I realize not everyone has the set up we do.
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  9. May be I was a little vague in my reply. Not that they don't work in general for most people they get a false hope of saving hundreds of dollars in heating cost by installing one so they can set it to change temp depending on the family's needs.(I.E. set it to 62 when your sleeping and not at home and then turning it up to 70 in the morning or when you return home from where ever)...You use more energy bringing the residents back up to a comfortable state then if you would just let it maintain a constant temp of say 72-75..Or in my wife's case 80 ..In your case you use it to make life easier by not having to manually turn your thermostat up and down and your main heat source is wood witch is saving you the money..
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    Like any tool, if used incorrectly a programable thermostat can be a waste of money.

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