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    Source - Cell phones w/o contracts

    I need a little help. Last year my wife and I upgraded our cell phones to Blackberries. Well, in the interest of saving money this year we decided to go back to regular cell phones (a smartphone requires a $30.00/phone/month data plan). The problem is, in the past year my wife has become a texting maniac and our old LG phones don't have a full keypad. I'd like to get her a phone with a full keypad (but not a smartphone). Verizon will allow this on the primary line (hers) with the 1-year upgrade but not for both, and the price is steep. We also do not want to renew our contracts because, as much as I like Big Red as a carrier we may switch. Add to this the fact that I have a company cell so I may just put my private number on some sort of pay-as-you-go thing (I don't necessarily need the line but want to keep the number).

    Here's the question - does anyone know of a source for Verizon-compatible cell phones other than Verizon? Obviously Ebay and Craig's list but are there any other places?


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    Newegg tigerdirect and wirefly are some sites. You can also get phones from phone companies , walmart, bestbuy that are like 40 a month unlimited text and net no contract.
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    Verizon Wireless

    Check out Howard Forums for cell phone info. You may even be able to find a way around your problem there. Lots of good info but many of them are as crazy over cell phones as some on here are about guns.

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