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Not Remotely Surprising: Police Using Aerial Spy Drones

Posted by wolfbeta on Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010

The question this (old) Houston news report raises isn’t whether this the police spying on us via aerial drones is legal — it’s probably not, given the need for a warrant to use infrared cameras to bust pot growers, not to mention the drone concerns of the FAA — but rather how will we even know if we’re being watched.

Answer: get our own ScanEagle. Or, cheaper, rip a page from the insurgent hackers’ manifesto and peek into the signal.

Shouldn’t be too hard in Houston at least, where a “secret test” is apparently something akin to a barn-raising with huge-ass black surveillance trucks, dozens of cop cars and a launch pad.

Thanks BoingBoing

The thing that concerns me most about the whole incident is not that they might be peaking in on our lives from on high eventually, but rather that they felt justified in using blatant lies and intimidation of the press in an effort to keep their own behaviour secret in the here and now.