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    Smile Long Time Lurker Saying Hi!!!

    Lots of info about me can be read on my profile at MySpace. Since this MSN-TV2 is severely outdated I won't be on MySpace for a while.

    Literally been to Hell and Back several times for almost 27 years. I did get convicted of Misdemeanor Domestic Violence and another unrelated Misdemeanor in 2002. I still don't get why I was arrested for defending myself. If I knew I was going to be arrested then I would have taken it beyond Self-Defense. Hopefully one day I'll be allowed to have Firearms again.

    Growing up in the extremely disfunctional family I fired almost all of them and found another family to be a part of.

    My adopted mother down south is in need of some protection as she's fairly small and due to several pain issues couldn't defend herself against a Toddler.

    While she hasn't asked for it, I'm not giving her a choice as I'm not down south to keep her safe myself.

    I decided on the following:

    Ruger LCR-XS in 38spl+P: $434.00

    Gun Tote'N Mamas "Purse": $79.00
    Gunslick Pro Snap-N-Pull Kit: $29.00
    Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel: $21.00
    Speer Lawman: $24.00
    Peltor XF-707 Glasses: $8.00
    Peltor Bullseye 9 Earmuffs: $15.00
    Stack-On Strong Safe Box: $80.00
    Hydrosorbent Silica Gel: $5.00

    She doesn't have to pay a single Cent on anything. The Ruger will be sent to a Dealer where she lives and I'll pay the Transfer Fee. The rest of the items will be shipped directly to her door from MidWay-USA.

    I STILL shoot by the way, just not Firearms. I did use gas powered airsoft guns due to the realistic function but more real airguns are becoming realistic these days. I recently purchased a gas blow back C02 Mini-Uzi from PyramydAir. Absolutely no way of telling it's fake unless you tap on parts of it.

  3. Hey Will Great to have you here. Interesting profile. Maybe it would be best for you not to own a fire arm…..and just have fun shooting someone else’s fire arm. Best of luck with all your bad luck. Oh.... also add to your list 25.00 for USA carry best money spent!!
    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it."Frederic Bastia

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    Oh quit being so paranoid. I'm more than capable of defending myself without a Firearm. To me Firearms and shooting is a Hobby and nothing more. Considering how I grew up I didn't turn out half bad. Most people that grew up in my situation have extensive criminal records and are addicted to Alcohol or Drugs, or even both and I don't.

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