Moving: Advice and input needed.
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Thread: Moving: Advice and input needed.

  1. Moving: Advice and input needed.

    This is going to be way off topic but I would love some input.

    I just got laid off my office job not to long ago and have decided to go back to school. While I like to think I have narrowed it down to two states, Utah and Florida, I would ask for assistance by the mass on here.

    I know the pro's and Con's for gun laws and carrying, or at least mostly. However I do not know much about the business laws, taxes and student life in these states. I looked into Entrepreneurial studies and International Business.

    What states is best for older students, am 33, and best for running a business?

    It is my understanding that I can carry at Utah campuses, but not in Florida.
    Florida has way better weather then Utah. Who has the best cost of living, in general?

    Thanks for any input from any angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel View Post
    Thanks for any input from any angle.
    I lived in Florida for a number of years. I can't comment on higher education there (Ohio State alumni here), but the K-12 education system is an absolute mess there.

    I had a resident CCW permit for the entire time I lived there. The state is far more liberal concerning CC than many think. There are a few restrictions (bars, etc), but you'll find LEO's and prosecutors tend to lean heavily on the side of the good guy when criminals end up getting shot.

    Regarding business in Utah. I have no direct experience. However, I have several friends who are Mormon. All agree that being Mormon is a definite "plus" in many small business situations in Utah.

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