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Websites like Spokeo.com and Wikileaks.com or anything like them should be removed from the Internet, and their monitors should be charged. Allowing the posting of "Classified documents" I thought was some sort of crime? Or violating the Privacy act was a crime? Eh, what ever, someone someday will pay big time, until then, were screwed.
Judging from the content of a lot of what's been released, it sounds like Wikileaks has been doing us a favor by letting us know about all the crazy stuff the government has been up to.

Our tax dollars have been going to pay for pedophile parties in Afghanistan, and when American soldiers shot up a Reuters journalist and some random helpful civilians, we weren't told the full story, although there was no pressing national security interest. Don't forget the recent disclosure of those clowns over at Goldman, who were recently bailed out by our tax dollars and decided to throw an overblown Christmas party.

If we're spending money on it, we absolutely have a right to know what's going on unless there's a particularly good reason why it should be kept a secret.