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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    According to my diploma, I'm a civil engineer. The work I actually do is in the crane & rigging industry. I'm a project engineer, testing engineer, and occasionally, I design rigging tools and equipment (mainly structural stuff). I rarely do the same thing twice, but everything I work on is heavy. To date, my biggest lift has been 300 tons. It's an awesome field to work in.
    You might know my little brother..he flies all over the world and oversees all the heavy equipment comming into a country..and I think he is a part time "spook" too! He got his start after the 1st gulf war by getting all the equipment into Kuwait to put out the fires..he has worked for Bechtel and FlourDaniel and a couple others international Companies..he now works for him self and his last gig was in Madigascar..he flies out agn in NOV..I have a fascination for cranes and lifting heavy things...got any "scary" stories?
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    I'm only about 3 years into it....anything truly scary has been regaled to me by others. The work I'm in now is mainly load testing other people's equipment. That sometimes involves breaking things. It's pretty neat to see something rated for, say, 200 tonnes let go at about 2.1 million pounds. You think a .40 S&W is deadly? Try a 10 lb hunk of steel that just let go. LOTS 'O' DENTS!

    But, I'm proud to say I've never dropped a load or caused any damage....unless someone paid me to do it.
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    Just plain ole tired and retired. Love playing with the grandchildren.:)
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  6. Ok youall asked for this. Before becoming a high voltage lineman I was a surgeon.Damn fine one I might add.There was not a tree i could not cut.

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    So you switched because you found yourself,as the old saying goes :out on a limb:?:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Ok youall asked for this. Before becoming a high voltage lineman I was a surgeon.Damn fine one I might add.There was not a tree i could not cut.
    LOL !! I was also known as Dr. Daylight. " You want a light thinning? .... Ok, thin for light ! " As far as the lineman goes .... hats off to you.I don't mind trimming, but I stayed away from the mean green. I was strictly residential - preservation.

  9. It was just a power thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torch View Post
    It might be handy at times to know what you guys do for a living. For example, if there are any electricians out there I could use some advice on wiring a 3-way switch. :)

    I doubt my profession will be much help to you guys but I'll throw it out there to get things started.

    I'm an IT Director for an oil and gas exploration and production company. If you're thinking about starting a company and need IT advice give me a holler. If you need help with an oil rig in your back yard I can help you there as well. :)
    Geologist :D

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