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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

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    Engineering Systems Specialist. We fix what the engineers give up on, and for less money.
    We don't give up on them there's just another more interesting project to do, for more money.

    I have always heard there is another life out there that is not remotely connected with the military/industrial complex. But I thought they were just stories after 30 years of being in or working as a civilian engineer. When I retire I just want to work part time in a building that has windows--I've had no windows for 25 years.

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    Toilet Paper Design Artist.

    Just kidding...Software Test Engineer.
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    Administrative Assistant (Paper Pusher) for a Non-Profit in the DC area...

    Was a Marine MP for 4 years prior.
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  5. Lieutenant at a state prison facility. However as they all are innocent no risk. :D

  6. Scotty beam me up. What a intersting group of Warriors!

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    Smile Surveyor...

    I am a licensed surveyour in the State of Ohio. Have been in this profession for 35 years plus. Just love being outdoors. When I first started was in New Port Richey, Fla. and we had a four man crew, with the party chief carrying a pistol with snake shot, for rattlers and cotton mouths, etc. At first that used to bother me being straight from Nam but I saw he knew what he was doing.

    Have been in Ohio since '72 and sometimes would run into wild dogs in woods and would just shew them away with a stick. Now a days, there are coyote in the woods and always carry one of my pistols, especially during hunting season because I just don't know what kind of threat may run into.

    All in all, I just want to stay in the field till I can't do it anymore.
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    I don't blame you....surveying was the most fun I've had working. I enjoyed every minute of it. I always said I'd go back to it if I won the lotto or something.
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    Interesting thread, lots of variety here

    They lock me in a room full of children and pay me for it. I know you're jealous, but if you need help with you science or math homework, ask away.:D

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    I like to tell folks that I rest up so fatigue won't set in! I think working in the surveyors field would be fun..what did y'all do for ticks and chiggers?
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    Lots of OFF and long pants. Poison ivy was my biggest problem. Bugs really weren't. I bought usually a bottle of Technu per week. If you ever have poison ivy/oak/sumac, that stuff is a godsend.
    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

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