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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

  1. airplane electrical putter-together-person,afore that,machine shop for 30 years. for the 3way switch,go to howstuffworks.com

  3. Vocations

    I'm an archaeologist...so I, to, can help with that oil well you've found in your backyard!

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    I work for the electric co. I maintain,repair and install HVAC equipment. Everything from keeping the offices cool to substations ,power plant equipment and computer rooms. Every size from 1/4 ton cabinet coolers to 250 ton centrifugal units.
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    I'm retired USAF, 100% VA disabled. I've done a little of just about everything. Jack of all, master of a couple. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoker View Post
    I have a bbq & catering business, In my spare time I am the president of the local Bikers Against Child Abuse chapter, Quick Draw, our VP is a youth pastor here. I learn from him all the time and I'm 51 years young.

    COOL! Do you ride? I know several BACA people, some close friends...ever get down this way? (Northwest Arkansas) Big BBQ Biker event commin up next week http://bikesbluesandbbq.org/ lots of good food, music and women dressed in leather!
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    Here I am, what seems to be the problem?

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    Field service engineer. I drive around all day. Sometimes, I fix things. With two free public ranges, I go through a lot of ammo.

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  11. Senior IT Analyst for a local (now global) utility company. Go Germany!
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