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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

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    Detection Dogs.

    I train explosive and acceletant detection K-9s.

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    Electrician, and part time bass tournament angler.

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    Engineer in the heavy lift business.
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    Retired school administrator in Newark NJ. Once retired moved from New Jermany to the freedom of Pa. Now I feel like an American again. Started a DVD business- creating DVD's from personal pictures. If you want - check out the site:

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    Electrician,Well used to be. Now I'm a crippled begot
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    I work full time at a common gas station franchise and part time doing security/property protection. For security I work under an FL "D" licence, therefore it is illegal to bring a firearm with me. I can keep it in my vehicle, locked, but never on my person. The FL "D" licence negates the "W" (carry) licence by written law.
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    I'm a college student going to be a safety manager/engineer.

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    Full time Administrative Assistant in purchasing at the local detention center and part time at a local gun shop w/indoor range. I work the latter for fun.
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    I run heavy equipment, mostly loaders, at a gold mine.

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    I am a blacksmith specializing in architectural ironwork.

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