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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

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    For a living, I drive a truck and load/deliver kitchen cabinets. For a hobby, I do just about anything related to remodeling a house. (OK, it's not really a hobby. I'm just too darn stubborn to hire someone else to do it.)
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    Michigan -Upper Penninsula-
    I work for a Propane Company. If anyone has any questions or concerns about Propane I would be happy to help.

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    long island, ny
    i have a kitchen cabinet business. retail. love to play golf, shoot and fly.
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    Cartoonist, with a day job: piano tuner.

  6. I'm an inventor.

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    I am a Sonar Tech in the US Navy. Been in a little over 9 years now. I am also Vice President of a reptile rescue group in Virginia called VIIPER (Virginians Interested In Protecting Every Reptile) V I I P E R - Virginian's Interested In Protecting Every Reptile. I am also a Staff Member on Reptilegeeks.com. I like to play golf every once in a while, though tiger woods I am not.

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    I feel like I’ve lived two or three separate lives in the last 30 years or so of life! I’ve had a number of “professions” in each of those lives!

    But, a couple of notables worth mentioning… I’ve been blessed… to be: a TEXAN, an American, husband of twenty years to the prettiest belle Texas ever produced, and father of two fantastic boys!

    In my current life, I am presently serving as a pastor… and more specifically, as a worship pastor!

    So, I’m good for providing any spiritual assistance I can offer, and for singing a pretty song for ya!! :)
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    Systems Technician for the Telco. T-1's,DSL's, analog circuits, network infrastructure and that kind of stuff.
    Retired from this and computer operations support and NOC engineer.
    Dacono CO
    CCW, Ruger LCR, Winchester 94, S&W 686-3

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    RF/Computer/Telco Project Coordinator for a SC State Agency.

    If it has a wire or piece of fiber, I'll get involved somehow when it breaks

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    Wow talk about networking..this is a great idea.For me I have 16 in for local municipal government, but I do work and have a vast knowledge of many things.... just ask

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