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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

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    I知 retired Army. Presently I知 working my second career as a Federal Government employee (for the Army, go figure). I知 planning on really retiring next summer.

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    I'm an attorney.

  4. 15 Yrs retail LP

    Loss Prevention Manager for a large retail company - 15 years experience - I have soooo many "valued customers" out there, in three states !!!

  5. Sr. System Administrator

    For a local Fire Dept. with 9 Fire Stations, one Fire Training Center and administrative offices. Will be getting two additional Fire Stations in the future. I take care of everything, from their WinMobile 5 phones, to their MDC's (Mobile Data Computers) to their file servers. Great job working for true hero's!

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    my own bbq & catering carry out business.

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    I am a biomedical equipment technician

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    Sep 2007
    East coast of Florida
    Retired Firefighter
    When I retire I am going to move up North and drive slow!!

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    I Am Retired Printer,
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    I work in a machine shop and do computer repair on the side out of my house! Yep... another "Computer Geek".:D I also (used to) ride, till I crashed my bike into a guard rail. So now I'm just a biker driving around in a minivan.

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    I am retired Air Force. Was an aircraft electrician.

    Now I own a computer repair business and do websites.
    Ret. MSgt

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