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Thread: What do you guys do for a living?

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    I am a Network Engineer/Consultant (Uber Geek).:D

  3. Hay I caught up ,I an retired power lineman/trouble shooter from a power company.

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    I was a professional drummer for 26 years. When music started getting wierd in the early 90's--I quit. I am now a Wildlife Control Operator and a Wildlife Rehabilitator. I like being self employed

  5. Cool Retired LEO

    Worked as a Paramedic for 8 years. Went into L/E for 17 years, in several divisions and as the L/E Firearms Instructor/ Armorer for my Dept. I played music part-time. Got run over by a car while on duty. Took medical retirement; bu-bu-bu-bu-but, I-I-I-I-I-I'm mu-mu-mu-mu-much b-b-b-b, bu-better n-n-n-n-now. Started doing what I really love, playing the drums pretty much full time now and doing some Gunsmithing on the side with a friend who owns a shop. Shooting on my range in the back yard.;)
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  6. I am a probation officer in a small town. I get to deal with the drug addicts, drug dealers, drunks, wife beaters, prostitutes, thiefs, that have motivated most of us to carry concealed in the first place. I do like my job, but can never let your guard down as these people will hurt you if you get careless.

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    gunflint trail mn
    Resort Manager and Fishing Guide.

  8. budda's good.Thats the way I feel after a day of 45 acp.nerve damage. carparl tunnel elbows shot looking for replacements, not older than 25 please.

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    Photographer here.

    Mostly weddings, some seniors and portraits + one or two commercial gigs per year.

    Prior to photography, I was a small general contractor in commercial & residential construction.

  10. Hello!

    Safety manger during the day for mid-size chemical company.

    Amateur gunbuilder of 18th century flintlocks and engraver thereof in the evening.

    Eagerly awaiting retirement in about 4.5 years!



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    Engineering Systems Specialist. We fix what the engineers give up on, and for less money.

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