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  1. Luke, it's never easy to lose a family member.
    I was raised with dogs and it seems the older a person gets,
    the harder it is to put a friend down, truly heart wrenching.
    Our prayers go out to you and yours.
    God bless

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    I'm so sorry

    It saddens me to hear about your dog. I too have lost not only one of my dogs but my cat within a 3 month period. It is so difficult to lose a family member. They are treated like our children with love and care. But time will pass and the hurt will fade but you will never forget the kindness and love she gave to you. So with all of my heart I hope the pain and sadness can remind you of all of the pleasure and loyalty she has give to you over the years.

    With my deepest sympathy,

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    Very sorry for your loss. My truest friends have always been my dogs. So I can certainly understand your sense of loss.

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    The loss of your friend

    I too recently lost my friend, Nemo, a malemute who was the greatest. My brother wrote and recorded a song to express his feelings about losing his dog. I tried to attach it here, but it wouldn't load.

    If you tell me how to send it, I think you will like what you hear. Guaranteed to make you cry, but also feel good about your friend.

    If you look closely at the picture of my Nemo, you will see him protecting a baby blue jay that couldn't quite fly. He protected this bird for about 4 hours one day from the neighborhood cats, until it could fly on its own.

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    Sorry for your loss!! I have experienced this myself and had to put down my pet a few year ago and even though it was best for him it was still one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
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    That is the pits. I also lost my buddy at 14 yrs, my son at 39 and my wife 4 months ago. There is not a day that goes by that I do not shed a tear for all three and at all times of the day & night.
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    Hi Tim, I am very sorry to hear this bad news. I had 4 dogs of my own and when I re-married 5 years ago, my new wife had 3 dogs and a cat. One of my dogs passed before I got married leaving me with three. Long story short is all mine have now passed on and two of hers have as well. We are now down to one dog and one cat. I know your hurt! God Bless.
    With my deepest sympathy,

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    So sorry to hear of your loss....Unfortunately it never gets easier, whether it be your first or 20th...It will be waiting at The Rainbow Bridge for you....God Bless.....Skizzy 009

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    Sorry For Your loss

    I know what you mean about it being so very hard to help them over the bridge. I lost my Boxer, Buddy to cancer 3 years ago and I still miss the heck out of him. I was told by a close friend back then that this is the most love you can show your fur baby is to help them out of the pain they are in.

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    My deepest sympathy as I have lost a few of my best friends in the last few years

    My one dog Sadie got Cancer and in my stupidly i did not want to loose her so i got her treatments not a good decision 5000.00 dollars later she had to be put down not the money but i should have let her go and not put her through that .
    Good Luck to you its never easy

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