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    So sorry for your loss my friend! and yes they are like family and it hurts like hell I to lost my dog to cancer a few years ago and I still cant get over it, But time does heal so remember the good times! God bless Tom.

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    So sorry for your loss. We lost our little girl four months ago and we still can't talk about it without tears in our eyes. People who haven't loved a pet will never have a complete life.


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  4. Hang in there. It gets no easier for the second one either. Only other dog owners will understand why grown men cry over the loss of a dog. If they are not dog owners, they'll say it's just a dog. We understand. Time will help to heal the pain where you can talk about it and not cry controllably. You'll get another one when you're ready.

  5. I had my dog 16 years and had to have her put away.My first time too.Worst day of my life,so far.Sorry

  6. People without pets can't understand. I didn't think much of it before we lost a 1 yr old that ran in front of a truck. I couldn't believe the loss and hurt it caused me. Hang in there and hug all the rest of them a little tighter.

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    Dog in Hospital

    Sorry to hear about your loss, I have 2 dogs of my own, and have had to put one down in the past. It's like loosing a family member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPKirkpatrick View Post

    Sorry for the loss, and it does not get easier... We live on a small farm in the Missouri Ozark Foothills (SE MO), and have 'in-herited' several dogs over the years from people who dump them on the highway.

    We take them in feed them, care for them and make them part of our family, and they have 120 acres to roam all they want on. Several have passed on due to old age (normally around 12-15 years old) and have the vet humanely end their suffering. It is hard to go through, but we enjoy their company and loyalty while they are with us, and remember them afterwards.

    Every new dog we've had in the past 33 years have been wander-in dogs at where I worked. And like yours, lived to be in the 12-15 years old range. It is hard to have them put to sleep after you've had them that long. We've had our current Rottie for 11 years now. You don't own the dog, the dog owns you and lets you take care of it.

    Lukem, we know how you feel. :(

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    I'm sorry to hear of your loss...
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    So sorry about your loss!

    Your furry friend is at Rainbow Bridge now. I feel so sorry for you having to go through this.

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    In the words of our former president Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain" ! ! ! No, I really do mean it. He, obviously used this phrase in a different context, but I mean it in the spirit that it is intended. There's few things sadder than losing a household pet. In fact, its the major reason my wife and I will probably never own another "family" dog. I like to think I'm a little on the "macho" side, but when we had to put down our English bulldog, it brought me to tears. My condolences, Monte

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