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    Please vote!!

    To all my Uscarry forum buddies..My daughter is in a contest to win Lady Gaga tickets. All you have to do is go to and click on the gaga banner an vote. She deserves something good in her life. Heres her pic so please vote. Thanks in advance.

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    I want to thank everyone for voting. My daughter is the reason i got into firearms. I couldnt protect her before, but you bet your asss I can now. Here is the link. Just click on it and hit the vote button. Thanks again. 97.9/105.5 KISS-FM The #1 Hit Music Stations

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    Done...glad to help.

    3X PM

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    Since you asked nicely I went and actually clicked on vote three times. Now I am not sure that I am doing you any favor since this concerns someone getting carried away over Lady Gaga. I suppose it is better than Linsey Lohan, Brittany or some of the others. Can't you get her involved in real music like Martina McBride , Geroge Strait or even Willie Nelson.

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    I look at it she is the alice cooper or kiss of 70's. My parents thought that music was the worst. Sort of how we look at some of todays music. The only bands she liked form my collection was the allman brothers and the eagles.

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    Thanks for the votes. She is about 200 votes short. If evderyone who looked at this post voted, she would be winning. I know you guys wont let her down. Thanks again. Here is the link one more time.

    97.9/105.5 KISS-FM The #1 Hit Music Stations

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