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Thread: What got you into shooting?

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    my dad and our lifestyle got me into guns. a lot of days the only meat we had to eat was what we would take with our guns. see we grew up pretty poor but always managed to have a roof over our heads. got me a daisy bb gun at 6 and a 410 when i was 9. got a dang closet full now...hehehe

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    Its something I have always done, dad was a ex marine, a OK shooter but after I went threw the advanced rifle class in scouts I was just about the same, that was almost 50 years ago, now we have two cabinets full, and probably 10,000 rds stashed, and try to get out at least once a month

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    My step-dad was an avid outdoorsman and hunter in Central Fla. He bought me a single shot .22 for Christmas when I was twelve, early seventies, and I've been off to the races ever since. Have always enjoyed shooting but never have shot competitively, at least not yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AussieRogue View Post
    I'm an Aussie the anti's really screwed us so when I moved to the USA I brought my first handgun
    Can anyone, from "down under", even own a firearm anymore? You can thank Soros and Rebecca Peters for that one. My Dad got me into shooting/hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    Can anyone, from "down under", even own a firearm anymore? You can thank Soros and Rebecca Peters for that one. My Dad got me into shooting/hunting.
    Seriously? Yep!....a 22 -- in a competition. I know...I just googled it.
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    My dad and uncles were bigtime quail hunters when I was a kid which I loved to tag along but my grandpa was the one that got me shooting the .22 rifle by taking me squirrel hunting when I was 8/9 yrs old using his 1941 single shot Springfield .22 rifle which I still have today. Then on my 10th birthday I received my own .22 rifle a Sears Ted Williams semi-auto and then come christmas I got my first shotgun a single shot 20ga Sears Ted Williams. I thought I was schiting in high cotton then! LOL but my grandpa sure gave me all kinds of crap over that semi-auto .22 he would say those guns can easily cause you to create bad habits.

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    I am sorry for your loss, my condolences.

    About 2 years ago I bought a Beretta CX4 45 ACP for Home Defense. I figured better know how to shoot it and took it to the range and it was so much fun to shoot that it got me started. Now I have a few more toys and go plinking pretty regulalrly.

  9. I've always like guns, but my mom would not let us get one. When I got in the Army, like many others, it was love at first site. That was 22 years ago. My kids know that I have guns and go shooting with me, not so much with my daughters anymore. My youngest son would break himself in half to get in the car when I go to the range. He has always been my 'little' gun buddy. He is 6' 3" and about 220, just a little guy. Always fun to enjoy the outdoors and practice.

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    I fired my first rifle, a Winchester .22 I think, when I was in the Boy Scouts. I remember thinking, before the first round, that the recoil was going to hurt. LOL

    My first handgun was a S&W Model 681 .357

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    Dad was a former naval officer, avid hunter and fisherman. When he was young the great depression was in full swing. A gun put food on the table as there wasn't money to buy groceries. I shot my first revolver at eight-years-old. He taught me that a gun was a tool and was only as good or bad as the person who held it. God bless him as he passed away in December at age 85. I have such fond memories of shooting tin cans with him. I miss him very much.

    This past year I started teaching my eight-year-old nephew to shoot using his Red Ryder BB gun. He's turned into "Mr. Safety." I can see how much fun it must have been for dad to teach me. Of all the different types of classes I teach, none gives me more pleasure than Eddie Eagle.

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