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Thread: What got you into shooting?

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    Our rural southern family tradition. That's what really got me and everyone in our family, and my wife's family, shooting. When I was 5 yrs. old Mom & Dad bought me my very first gun, a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. I wore that gun out by the time I was 7. I shot every tin can I could find and even some of those pesky starlings on the ranch. Then Dad gave me and my sister our first semi-auto 22's to go squirrel and coon hunting with back in the woods on our family ranch. We both still have those rifles and now my son loves to shoot it as well. Then when I was about 14, I started carryin my Winchester 30/30 and a Ruger 45 pistol with me when we'd be out ridin fence and checkin cattle horseback. From the early days hunting squirrels and stuff and later deer with 30/30 Winchesters, my sister and I have had a 35 yr.+ love affair with our guns. My sister, a Missouri DOC officer, is as big a 'gun-nut' as I am and we both have quite the collection. LOL.
    Now, MY son and daughter are on their way to having their very own love affair with them as well. Both my kids are quickly getting their own collections as well. Rifles, Shotguns, as well as pistols.
    We just signed the paperwork for my 17 yr. old son, to join the "Future Soldier" program and my 20 yr. old daughter is a CNA and OWNS her own home. I am now helping with one of my Army nephews with his collection and in a couple more years, it'll be his 6 yr. old brother's turn with the help of his parents, my wife's sister and her Army husband. We love our guns and live in rural America where we can shoot all the time. Me and my son even shoot off our front deck at least once a week and scare the cats. LMAO !!

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    My dad took me shooting when I was about 5, My grand dad bought me a bb gun when I was 6. My dad bought me a bb pistol at about 8 years old and I got to use the old marlin 22 bolt action solo at about 10.
    I also got my grand dads old single 16 when ever I wanted to rabbit hunt.
    Bought my first pistol when I turned 21, it was a 1911 .45 and soon I bought a S&W mod 10 38spl heavy barrel, man, I loved that one, like an idiot I sold it.......
    Now many years and many weapons later I still love shooting.

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