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Thread: South Carolina Man Killed by His Own Spring Gun

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    A bud has a can of BP open in his safe. If a crook uses a torch to cut it open he will be in for a big surprise. Tried to tell him that things like that were against the law but he just shrugged it off.
    I'm not sure how that would be interpreted since it isn't a "trap gun" but that would also greatly depend on local laws.

    What I find kind of funny is that people are willing to destroy their firearms or go to jail to protect them from being stolen by a criminal. If they are stolen your insurance will most likely pay for them to be replaced. If they are destroyed by a "trap device" then I doubt seriously the insurance would pay, especially if said device is illegal. If you go to jail (assuming you would - see the next paragraph) you can't legally own them anyway so either they get seized or you give them away.

    What I don't know about this situation is the penalty if this trap gun killed a criminal that was trying to break into the case. While owning the trap gun is a misdemeanor, if it kills someone who isn't supposed to be there anyway (and you could legally shoot) how is that viewed?

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    It would have been cheaper to buy a real safe plus it just goes to show how the lack of common sence sometimes can cost you your life.

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