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    CCTV Good Price

    16 CH Surveillance System
    16 CCD Cameras w/
    40' Night Vision, 1TB HDD
    Costco - Q-See 16 CH Surveillance System 16 CCD Cameras w/ 40' Night Vision, 1TB HDD

    They also have some 4 camera systems from $249.95 to $349.96

    I put one of there 8 camera systems in my daughters house last year and it works
    very well.
    Received the 16 camera system yesterday and will use it too replace some of the very
    old black and white analog cameras that are about 20 years old.
    Very easy too install and it comes with a good CD on all the setup and configuration
    that you can do. Pretty much plug and play if you can use a drill , screw driver and pull
    some cable. You also can run several hundred feet if you can put a camera power supply close too the cameras and run RG59 coax and I think 800 feet with RG6. Extra power supplies for one too 4 cameras are around
    10 bucks from the Qsee online store.

    Video. You should get a 19in or bigger VGA Pc monitor (100 buck and up)
    There is one VGA out port on the DVR plus two BNC out video that you can run too TVs and use a BNC-RCA converter (Radio Shack)
    too regular TVs and just switch the input like you would too go too a DVD play.
    That way you can view the cameras from several locations. Looks GOOD on a 46 in LED-LCD TV We can view from computer room, Kitchen and living room.
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