movie "Rampage" by Uwe Boll
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Thread: movie "Rampage" by Uwe Boll

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    movie "Rampage" by Uwe Boll

    The guy makes me feel ashamed to be German. For starters the caption says the character picks up his favorite "semi auto rilfes and goes on a killing spree". Only what they show are submachineguns, full auto and apparently with the brand new "infinite capacity" mags. I guess you can just buy full auto submachine guns at Walmart, right? On that point the movie is not even making any sense in on itself because nobody other than a few cops shoots back, seems surprising in a country where guns are so easily available does it not. Everybody who gets shot suffers from "Stormtrooper Syndrome" - there are no wounded, everybody dies instantly. I am so glad I watched this on Netflix only and did not pay money for this load of krock. What on Earth was the point of this flick?

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    The point of the movie was to make Uwe Boll money. That's it.
    He's been buying up licenses for video game movie rights for years and pumping out horrible cash-grabbing flicks mainly designed to get the money from German subsidies for making movies. They're universally horrible and he doesn't care so long as he's making money.

    I suggest avoiding anything ever touched by Uwe Boll if you value your time.

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    Boll has a well deserved reputation shock-meister. His movies are short on plot and long on "WTF??"s. I caught the 2nd half of this movie on satellite a few months ago. I thought it was so far-fetched that it was almost comical. The kid did have a nice escape plan at the end, what with setting his friend up to take the fall. Other than that it was like a bad video game.
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