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Thread: Need motivations to remain interested in carrying.

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    You sound like you really need to think things out for a while, if carrying you gun is that big a issue, lock it up for a while, make your move if you have to, a good job is more important than carrying a gun, but I would not get rid of it, don't forget a big reason for carrying in the first place, to help protect yourself so you will be able to get up every morning and go to that good job and make money to help enjoy life, now as far as moving to cali, that is one pain in the ***** state to live in even if you have a good job, you can get a permit to carry, but you really have to want to, tons and tons of BS to go through.............are any other states a option?....east maybe, don't north its to cold, southeast is not bad?

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    Obviously there are things in your life that is taking a toll on you. Changing jobs, locations etc. will keep you busy and distracted from what is bothering now but eventually the things that are bothering you will re surface. You will be in another location with the same problems.
    You need to pinpoint what it is that has you feeling so depressed and deal with them directly. After you conquer them then you can more clearly decide what to do...move, new education.... go back to carrying. You will now be able to do these things without the "ghosts" of past problems returning to you in your new strange location and job!
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  4. No one on this site should try to change your mind, moreso they should at least give you strength to hold tyo you desires. We respect this and support you, it is not like you are breaking a law in your choice.
    On your choice of SF or AS Cali, SF might be more restrictive.

    Again good luck and the good folks here are here to support others.


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    Motivation to shoot? Maybe join a league and meet some new people. Print up some pix of the x and use them for target practice....As far as Cali. goes, I have relatives from there and they just seem like their from a different universe than me...Isn't the cost of living much higher there?

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    California? A liberal cesspool. Worried about safety? Just carry a pack of cigarettes, Californians fear second hand smoke more than guns. Good Luck, you'll need it.
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    I'm sorry for your recent woes. I fully understand the depression you feel. You see, I'm one of those who moved FROM California. Not because of the gun laws, but because the state has become truly pathetic.

    I currently have my California home in the Los Gatos mountains in escrow after fifteen months on the market. (Thank you, God.) I can assure you that the real estate market in California is one place you'll want to avoid.

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    first I wish you the best of luck Maria.
    Second I would say that you need to go and search inside of you and make your own decision about carrying.

    But there is alot of bad things happening in the world of today.

    Cali for realestate is kinda busted, and no carry is just not good now at days, but again it is your life and your call.

    bst of luck again Maria.

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