So toaday is my birthday and I got a chopper ride!
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Thread: So toaday is my birthday and I got a chopper ride!

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    Unhappy So toaday is my birthday and I got a chopper ride! Pics!!

    Only it was in a bad way. While doing a little early celebrating I was involved in a car crash! I wasn't driving but, on my way home after having a quick drink and a little argument with my ex-GF I got in a truck with another friend I thought was sober and next this I know I was in the hospital.

    Not sure what happened exactly but, I was cut out of the car and flown to the hospital at 1:50 AM. I think we were T-Boned by a Peter Built truck and lots of pain and blood followed. I suffered an unknown amount of stitches in my forehead and eye, some severely bruised ribs, my left calf muscle was crushed and is now very swollen along with an nice new broken nose.

    Happy birthday to me!
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    I am sorry

    Man that is horrible I am so sorry to hear that. Life is crazy, you never know what is going to happen. I am glad to hear you are doing ok though. I hope you get to feeling better.

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    Man you are Lucky. T-boned by a peter built usually no one walks away. Hows your friend doing? Did he get hurt also? Take it easy for a while and you'll be out shooting in no time!:icon_wink:
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  5. Sorry to here that. Kick back take it EZ and you will be back in no time. Was your friend OK? I hope so. :Poep2: Happens

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    Sorry to hear what happened! Prayers for a quick and full recovery!! Oh and happy birthday :icon_cheesygrin:

    Was there atleast some cute nurses there??

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    Remind me not to party with you--you're too hardcore for me!


    Take care of yourself and get to feeling better soon!
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    Oh Man...Thats a big bummer. Especially on a B-day. Wrecks of any kind are a good shock to the system. Glad to hear you made it out alive.Sad to hear the day was ruined. Heal up fast and I hope your buddy heals up well too. Hope next year goes a little better!!!!
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    That sucks...hope you get better soon. Did you have any guns in the car, and if so, were they ok?
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    Sorry your birthday ended up so :Poep2:-ty! Glad to hear you made it with only bumps and bruises. Next year we'll all have to get together and party with you so we can keep you safe :jpparty: Get well soon!!!
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    Thanks for all the love guys and gals. I feel twice as bad today but, I'm sure I'll make a full recovery soon. I can't cock my gun becausse I've temporarily lost some use in my arms. It wasn't in the car because I was with my friend and I knew I was going to have a drink so I left it at home.

    My friend broke her pelvis and will be off her feet for several weeks but other than that she's good. I'll be scarred for the rest of my life due to my facial injuries but, the rest of me will heal fine I think.

    Thanks again everyone! :)
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