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Thread: any feedback on ThesportsmansGuide" online store?

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    I'm a satisfied customer. Been buying all sorts of stuff from them for 10+ years.

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    Bought a ton of stuff from them over the years, you may want to join the "buyers club" if you are going to order very much stuff, they have two prices on their page have a look....

    But short story never had any problems, usually they are fast shippers....
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    +1 for Sportsmans Guide. Ordering for around 5yrs.

    Join the club, you will save $$ if you make more than 1 or 2 orders.

  5. I used to shop there a lot and had decent enough experiences with them, with the exception of some issues regarding their attempts to adhere to every local law (e.g. they didn't want to send a knife when I was living in California, despite no laws...or even listed prohibitions on the item in their own catalog). I actually liked them enough that I bought stock in the company.

    However, they were purchased by the private company, Redcats, about 5 years ago, and I haven't really dealt much with them since then, particularly since I've been able to find the same products more competitively priced in that time.

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    I have only been using them for a bit less than a year, but I have found their prices to be very competitive, and I have saved even more with their Buyers Club membership. No experiences with returns, though.
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  7. Been buying from them for about a year now, never a problem. Just remember that you get what you pay for. I wouldn't buy their cheap knock off firearm parts, but brand name ammo, boots and clothing are a good deal. I'm a buyers club member which gives me 10+% off everything but ammo which I get at 5% off. I've had to return a couple of items that didn't fit and had no problems at all.

  8. I have never done business with these guys, but am tempted as they have been sending me catalogs every month or so. For ammo this guy cant be beat, and shipping is on him. Go to [URL=""]
    I have spent a paycheck at Cheaper than Dirt over the last 5 years without any problems.

  9. Bought a GSR 1911 from them a few months ago, when everyone else had no stock. It showed up at my FFL three days later. They've done ok by me...

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