any feedback on ThesportsmansGuide" online store?
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Thread: any feedback on ThesportsmansGuide" online store?

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    any feedback on ThesportsmansGuide" online store?

    I'm looking to buy some ammo and what not from this site. I was wondering if anybody has any dealings with this site? looks like a great site. Just asking is all. Thanks for the help.

    link to sight: Ammo & Hunting Gear, Camping & Outdoor Equipment, Military Surplus & Clothing at Sportsman's Guide

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    I have had good results with them. Once ordered boots, but they didn't fit, sent them back and asked for the next size larger. No problem they come with return address. Will use them again.

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    I ordered an accessory from them earlier this year. The product description specifically said it would fit the rifle I was buying it for. It didn't fit (I went online and did exactly what you're doing here. Others had the same problem). I emailed them and asked them to send me a prepaid shipping label so I could return it to them at no cost to myself. They said "no" but that they would gladly tell me how to modify the product so that it would fit my gun.....modifications that involved grinding metal! I told them I thought their "solution" was a bit ridiculous and I asked them why their website said this product would fit my gun when clearly it doesn't (I also mentioned my findings on the net that others had brought this same problem to their attention in the past). They didn't respond to that one. I decided to keep it since I could use it on one of my other rifles. I took my business elsewhere.
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    In general, by experience with them has been positive. That being said, you get what you pay for: their "Sportsman's Guide" brand products are certainly cheaper than the name brand version, but do not necessarily hold up to heavy abuse.

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    I have been dealing with them for about three years without any problems. Items I have returned, like shirts too small, have been refunded or exchanged for the proper size with little or no hassel. I have ordered ammo from them, tools, shoes, auto excessories, yard items, shooting supplies like cleaning patches, CLP, etc. I have purchased name brand items like Danner hiking shoes at 40% less than I could get them elsewhere. So far, it has been a pleasant and money saving relationship.

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    I have ordered ammo and other stuff from them. One item i ordered was defective out of the box, so they sent me a prepaid return lable so i could send it back, and they replaced it. So all in all there a good company to do business with.

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    I have used them and had no problems, even on occasional returns.

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    No problems with them. Just check their site often to catch deals on shipping, since ammo can be heavy and
    expensive to ship. Lots of times they offer free shipping on orders over $99-$125. Trust me the shipping on a
    spam can of 7.62X54R would eat up the savings and then some.

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    I've been buying ammo and other stuff from them for over 10 yrs. I've never had any problems.

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    I have been dealing with them for years, and all my purchases have been excellent buys. I get a lot of shoes from them, brand names way cheaper than msrp. I get my ammo elsewhere, can't help you there.

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